I received an e-mail from George Kostiuk, President and CEO from emBoot stating the his company has been aquired by Double Take. emBoot is a company has some very interesting products like netBoot/i en Winboot/i which we will discuss in a later stadium. But Double Take is partner of VMware so there’s the link with Virtualization.

Here’s the email:

July 29, 2008


Dear emBoot Customers and Partners:

We are extremely pleased to let you know that Double-Take Software, Inc. today announced that it has completed the acquisition of emBoot, Inc.


By bringing the two companies together, we hope to be able to better serve your needs as a single source for the very best in disaster recovery, high availability, centralized backup and network boot solutions. Double-Take Software values your existing business relationship with emBoot and we want to ensure that you are provided with information that you might need as a result of this acquisition process.


I wanted to write you personally and let you know that Double-Take Software plans to carry forward with the majority of emBoot’s products, including both ongoing maintenance and new feature development, after the acquisition is complete. We are excited by the prospect of leveraging Double-Take Software’s seasoned sales and marketing organization .  In addition, we are already well underway in product integration plans, so stay tuned for some new product announcements in the near future.


Should you need further information, please visit our website at www.emBoot.com or contact emBoot directly by calling: +1 905.629.0200.


From all of us at emBoot, we thank you for your past support and very much look forward to a continued working relationship.




George Kostiuk


President and CEO

emBoot Inc.