When I virtualize a physical server, and the server has a logical disk with multiple partitions on it, I always want to convert those partitions into separate virtual disks. In some cases I want those virtual disks on separate datastores (in case of different RAID types for example). When not using a tool like Platespin Powerconvert, it could be a lot of work. I would convert just the system partition with VMware Converter and I would clone the other partitions with a disk cloning tool like Symantec Ghost.

It was a while ago that I P2V’d a server, but when I converted a server yesterday, it took me way less time, and I only used VMware converter! This is why:

A couple of months ago VMware released an updated version of VMware converter (version 3.0.3). In this update a new feature was introduced that makes P2V-ing a little bit easier. It is finally possible to convert individual volumes on a single physical disk from the source physical machine to separate and independent virtual disks across different datastores. Thank you VMware!

Select: Create a separate disk for each volume

Select the appropriate datastore for each disk.