July 23, 2008 - Sven Huisman

As expected: VMware ESXi is free!

Virtualization.info comes with the news that as of next week, VMware ESXi will be available for free.

During the Q2 2008 earnings call the company announced that before the end of July it will release the Update 2 for VMware Infrastructure 3.5 and that will give away the lightweight edition of the product, ESX 3i, for free.

It was already expected and sort of announcedĀ that ESXi would soon be available for free, but I expected it to be announced at VMworld 2008. This is going to give a great boost to VMware in the SMB market.

I’m wondering if this affects the pricing of VI 3.5 standard and enterprise, as these products also contains the basic hypervisor…

Update: the source for this info: The VMware partner portal.

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