June 3, 2008 - Sven Huisman

VDI comparison

The latest war in virtualization seems to be about VDI: a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Just after the release of Citrix Xendesktop, VMware send a letter to its partner stating that the product is build on a platform with an uncertain future. Virtualization.info wrote an article about this.

This is a way of putting your product on the market: just tell everyone that other products are bad. But I prefer a comparison between different solutions, like Quest software did. Quest software, who bought their own desktop broker made a comparison where Citrix Xendesktop and VMware Virtual Desktop Manager are compared next to the Quest Software Provision Networks Virtual Access Suite (kind of a long name, don’t you think?). And of course, in this comparison the Quest solution comes out as the ‘winner’. But it is fair to say that in this comparison there are a lot of features marked as YES for the Virtual Access Suite, while these features are not yet available in their current release. And future features of VMware VDM and Citrix XenDesktop were not taken into consideration.

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