Today I stumbled upon an article of Mark Gaydos on In this article he describes a conversation he had with an Industry Analyst concerning the future of Virtualization Administration. What it basically comes down to is that in a couple of years Virtualization will be commodity and all aspects will be divided to separate departments/disciplines. The department networking will be concerned with the virtual networks, the department security will be concerned with all the virtual infrastructure security and so on.

This might sound far away but I also think this will be the future. The Virtualization Administrator/Expert of now needs to be experienced on all departments : SAN, Networking, Security, Virtualization Software and so on… At this moment Virtualization is still new and sexy but in a couple of years it’s commodity. So I agree on the vision that you’ll soon see that management of the virtual infrastructure will be divided among the existing IT (sub)departments.

I’d love to hear how you’re thinking about this development.