Stage Manager, Lab Manager, Lifecycle Manager, Site Recovery Manager. Confused? I am.

Yesterday VMWare released their product Stage Manager. I decided to do some investigation and end my confusion. A quick scan of the release notes did not solve the puzzle. Therefore I decided to dig deeper and consulted my good friend Google to help out.

The summary of my investigating is:

Lab Manager is product primarily for use in large test environment where the test users can share resources like DNS Server, AD Servers, Exchange servers etc. This will mainly be used in large companies with a software development department.

Stage Manager is focused on administrating the creation of applications in a production environment where the different phases in the development of applications can be recorded by using snapshots.

Lifecycle Manager is a tool to ease the administration and management of a virtual infrastructure. This is done by automating the creation, managment and eventually deleting of virtual machines when they are ultimately at the end of life.

Site Recovery Manager is a disaster recovery solution that can be managed with the VMware virtual infrastructure and the replication possibilities of the SAN-vendors.