Greg Stephens just dropped me an e-mail:

 Customers have told us that they appreciate the innovation behind our enterprise management systems connectors to VMware.  We’ve also heard that you sometimes wish we had more developers to devote to continuing enhancement of these products.  With today’s announcement of nworks‘ acquisition by Veeam Software, that wish has come true.

nworks is now part of Veeam Software, an award-winning provider of systems management tools for VMware infrastructures.  Like nworks, Veeam is known for its innovation, but Veeam is a larger organization, with nearly 50 developers focused on VMware.

Veeam is best known for its FastSCP freeware, and the company also offers Veeam Backup, the 2-in-1 backup and replication solution; Veeam Reporter, an automated way to discover and document VMware virtual server environments; Veeam Configurator, a simple way to configure and provision ESX servers;  and Veeam Monitor, for a bird’s-eye view of key performance metrics across the entire VMware infrastructure.   

I hope that nworks monitoring will go in a spin off just like FastSCP has been.