Doug Brown, known for the Methodology in a Box (a 900+ page guide for installing and deploying a successful Citrix environment), has written a new white paper this time on how to get you up and running with VDM, as quick as possible, even if you have never used VDM before. It is downloadable here.

This is what he says him self about writing this guide:

 I’ve actually been evaluating and testing VMware’s VDM 2.x solutions since the early beta’s were available. I must admit, I very much liked what I saw in the early beta releases.  I feel the beauty of VDM is that it is easy it is to deploy, administer, and use. That being said, while I was evaluating VDM, I thought it might be fun to document how to install, configure, and use it.  You know, I wanted to document the exact steps I used to install my VDM 2.1 lab environment. I wanted to create a VDM in a Box!

In other words go and try it yourself.