This afternoon I visited the 5th Technical Update Event organized by CDG, a dutch distributor and training company of VMware, Citrix, RES and more. At these events, there are allways 3 products presented or technically explained. This time the following products were presented:

The Installfree presentation was okay. A colleague told me about this new Application virtualization product and he was very enthousiastic about it. I attended a webinar a couple of weeks ago, and it couldn’t impress me a lot. This time the presentation impressed me more.

InstallFree has 2 main products, InstallFree Bridge and InstallFreeDesktop. Bridge is for application streaming and Desktop is for presenting a shell to the user with applications. Both can be made available offline. Besides that, there is the Encapsulator (the one that actually packages the applications) which uses a mini-OS, so you don’t need a clean PC to package applications. The applications will use this mini-OS. None of the products are released yet, but are soon to be.

The advantages are:

  • Ease of administration. You can give users, groups or OU’s rights to applications, plugins or even updates.
  • Virtualized applications can interact with each other, for example: in the demo Excel 2002 was integraded in Word 2007.
  • Application can be streamed over HTTP(S).
  • Integration with the desktop.
  • User data is sync’d. 

As I said, I was impressed. But as a VMware-fan, I’m really looking forward to VMware’s Application Virtualization sollution Thinapp (the new name for Thinstall). This will also feature dynamic linking between virtual packages. I haven’t seen the latest beta, but I will try it soon.

Next up was Vizioncore. vEssentials is a bundle of 3 products:

  • vRanger Pro – Backup
  • vReplicator – Replicate VM to other destination(s)
  • vCharter – Monitoring

I had heared from these products in the past, but never used them. From what I saw today there are some of the features that these products have I’d like to see in the next release of VMware 🙂 :

  • vRanger and vReplicator uses VSS (Volume Shadow copy Service). The presenter claimed that vizioncore was unique on the market with this feature. 
  • vCharter has a lot of must-haves like: alerting on things you really want to now (VMkernel swap for example) and trend-analyses. Click here for a video.

Final was VMware with Site Recovery Manager. There a already a lot of things said about this new product, but here are 2 points that I want to mention:

  • SRM is said to be released on June 19th 2008.
  • SRM 1.0 version is not able to failback after a site-failover. You can do it, but you have to manually reconfigure a failover the other way around.

Afterwards there was junkfood and we got a goodie-bag. I couldn’t stay for the food, but the goodie-bag was okay:

  • 1 GB VMware USB-key
  • a mini-mouse from vizioncore with automatic rollup cord
  • a little lamp-key-thing from vizioncore (useless)
  • Evaluation CD from Platespin
  • Mini noteblock from Vizioncore
  • a Vizioncore pen

Update: presentations can be downloaded here.